Courtesy Pay

Most of us have experienced an unintentional overdraft at one point or another.  When this type of oversight occurs it can be a costly mistake leading to bounced checks.  We have implemented a Courtesy Pay program to assist you in these situations.

  • If funds are not available to pay a check, ACH, or a one-time debit card transaction, and no overdraft protection is available from savings, or a line of credit, the item may be paid using Courtesy Pay.  Each item paid through Courtesy pay is charged a $25 Courtesy Pay fee with a $75 per day maximum.  The item plus the $25 fee cannot exceed the $200 Courtesy Pay limit.
  • The $200 Courtesy Pay is automatically available to all checking accounts (see exclusions below) after the account has been opened for 60 days if no more than 6 NSF items have been presented for payment.
  • The member has 30 days to bring the account to a positive balance, or all Courtesy Pay privileges will be terminated and the credit union will take further action to collect the balance owed.  Privileges are not re-instated.

Accounts excluded from Courtesy Pay include:

  • Members under the age of 18
  • Businesses and Organizations
  • Money Market
  • Frozen/Locked accounts
  • Dormant Accounts
  • Accounts with incorrect addresses
  • Accounts owned by the deceased
  • Accounts with a negative balance over 30 days